Three Ways to Increase the Efficiency of Your Front Door

doorA home’s energy efficiency can be determined by the amount of conditioned air it is able to retain. If the air exchange between the home and the outside is too much, it requires more energy to condition the new air inside. One of the easiest places to control loss of conditioned air is the front door. It is huge and any air leaks contribute significantly to a higher energy bill.

Weather Stripping

This is an easy way to control air loss from the house. It creates an airtight seal that cannot be easily broken. However, one should also remember to replace the weather stripping at the begging of every season. Because it is prone to so much friction, its sealant qualities tend to go down with time. The sealant is easy to install and does not require any type of expert for a successful installation. The sealant has to be installed on all four sides of the door. Even though it may not be obvious to a person, there are spaces between the door and doorframe. They contribute to huge losses in the conditioned air.

Check the Door and Locks for Damage

Sometimes it is the little things that people ignore which contribute to energy losses. The door lock should be the first place to check. If the door lock does not hold the door firmly in place, it is definitely contributing to the loss of conditioned air. Some locks are also very old; they have huge games lock holes that lead to a lot of heat exchange over time. Such locks need to be changed. If in doubt on how your lock is functioning, it may be a good idea to contact your local locksmith.

Another important are to watch out for is the hinges. Hinges can be quite hard to detect if one is not well trained. In case one ever has a contractor in the house for anything, ask them to give the hinges a glance. He or she can tell that the door needs new hinges. Any damaged hinges should be repaired or replaced. This will ensure that the door sits properly in the frame without any cracks.

Install a Storm Door

The storm door is one of the best options for people who live in areas with harsh weather. Not only does it increase protection for the door, it also reduces heat loss. This is especially important for doors that have glass incorporated into them. Glass loses heat very fast to the outside. It would be a good idea to use glass covered in heat insulation for such a door. Storm doors are best for cold climates in order to prevent heat loss.

Keeping the house insulated from loss of conditioned air is not a difficult job. These three tips should lead to some improvements in the homes efficiency. However, they need to be implemented as broader reforms to the homes energy efficiency. Another option would be to replace the door. Some doors were made long ago and they look fancy. However, it is time to let them go for more efficiency. Get a professional to do the job in order to avoid any inefficiency.