Benefits to Using Solar Power While Traveling in an RV

Solar technology was developed as a collaboration between the military and NASA. They were looking for a reliable source of power that did not require maintenance. Eventually, they settled on solar panels. Now, every satellite in orbit around the world is powered by solar.


How Solar Power can Help RVs

The reason people will purchase or hire an RV is order to take long drives to remote areas for some rest and recuperation. However, this also means they want to enjoy the comforts their home provides out in the open. This is not always possible with a diesel generator.

The main reason one should install solar panels on their RV is the noise from the diesel generator. No matter how much the manufacturers try, this thing will always produce some sort of low rumbling sound. This can be quite disrupting to a trip that was intended to be quiet and peaceful. The solar panels produce no sound at all. In fact, one will never notice that they are there.

Another reason is the maintenance cost. Complex equipment such as a diesel generator do not stack up well against nature. More likely than not, it will require some sort of repairs. This can be quite disrupting. For instance, if the vacation was only a week long, on one wants to spend two days in their trip looking for parts to repair the diesel generator. However, solar panels have stood the test of time and have been found quite hardy. One reason for this is that they have very few components. As a result, it is unlikely for them to ever go bad and not supply power.

The other reason one should use solar panels is the safety consideration. This is especially true when one is taking an RV tour with the kids. Using a diesel generator will require that one stores fuel inside the RV. Any fuel stored in a container is a potential source of disaster. A simple spark in the hot outdoors could easily ignite it. Solar panels for RVs (found at are quite safe; they only produce 12V of Dc current. This amount of voltage is not enough to electrocute even a pet cat. You do not have to worry about being shocked to death when you are using solar power.

The other advantage of suing solar is the amount of freedom it provides.
As a result, you do not have to keep worrying if you carried enough fuel. This freedom of not having to think about fuel can make the entire trip that much more relaxing. It reduces the amount of frantic trips you have to make to the gas station. In addition, it greatly increases the area you can explore. With solar power, you can afford to go off grid longer without any worries.

Solar power also helps you save on the amount of money you spend. Using diesel as a source of energy can be quite expensive. The result is that you have more money for you and your family.